Voice-Over for the Web.

Rich Media streaming presentation systems such as Flash, are quickly turning the web into a dynamic presentation resource. Adding audio to a presentation can greatly increase its effectiveness.  By adding professional announcing and voice talent, your Streaming Media presentation will achieve a greater degree of communication effectiveness.

This site demonstrates how professional voice-over talent can be utilized to improve
Web presentations of all kinds, and specifically, in Flash animation sequences.

This site was prepared by a person who works primarily as a voice-over talent, 
with very limited experience in web animation, using Swish 2.0.

The samples presented here will give you a pretty good idea of what can be 
accomplished on a web site by using professional voice talent. 

             DSL / High Speed Demo


More examples:  OC Adclub Promos  - Prepared for the Orange County Club

RJ Westmore Commercial


Information for those looking to improve web audio.

Voice Talent Basics

Recording Voice Talent

Preparing Flash Presentations Using Voice Talent

Notes on the Demo Presentations On This Site

This site prepared by Travis

More Info& Examples: